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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Forgotten Shoots

Even though I only spent a couple of years in the xxx industry, much of it is a blur to me. Until recently when I was talking with one of my kinky neighbors in Brooklyn, I had forgotten about one of my first adult shoots ever, literally a couple of days after meeting my agent who got me the job.  I was barely 21 years old and had just gotten my first apartment in Koreatown, downtown LA.  Although I had been working as a nude dancer and video chat girl for roughly 1 year, this was a completely new experience.  Earl Miller was a very well known and respected photographer, and the shoot took place at the Brewery, factory lofts in downtown LA.  Unlike most adult shoots, which tend to be smaller scale with few crew except for maybe a lighting assistant and make-up artist, there were lots of crew for this shoot.  Several lighting assistants, a makeup artist, and even a wardrobe assistant whose sole job was to adjust the wardrobe after each change in position during the shoot.  Here are a couple of shots... I am one of the masked girls in the background.  Every once in awhile a memory comes up of something like this, and I'll think to myself... "how could I have forgotten about this?"  I guess I didn't really forget... it's just that I don't think about it often.

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