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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Questions from fans for Gia

How did you get into the adult biz? I was a college student in So Cal studying psychology. I had been working nights doing phone sex in the valley, at one of the largest call centers in the country. It was really a trip, and I loved having interesting stories to tell my roommates. My senior year of college I moved off campus, and I ended up living with a major porn star who had been a Vivid/Wicked girl. She’s the one who really introduced me to what life in the adult biz was like. After phone sex, I found out I could make between 50-100 dollars per hour working at a video chat place in downtown LA. The money was amazing, and I could fit it in with my school schedule. I ended up dating a guy who’s ex girlfriend was a porn star, and he kind of encouraged me to get in the business.

Who was your first scene with, and what was it like? My first scene was with Ed Powers, when I was 21 years old, He requested that I not shave before the scene, since he wanted me “au naturale.” We met one time before actually shooting and he asked me things like why I wanted to go into the biz, etc. On the day of our shoot, he had a major argument with his camerawoman, who was late showing up, because she went to the mall to buy a top from forever 21 (she was 40). He screamed at her for most of the scene, but other than that it was okay. I think it might have bothered some women, but I’m a pretty thick skinned person, and I didn’t take it personally. The scene ended up being pick of the month in AVN magazine.

Why did you wear a condom for your first scene? I really believe in promoting safe sex. It was my intention to work condom only for all of the scenes, but I was dissuaded from doing this by a number of people, who told me that it would be hard to find work. I ended up working for a year without condoms, but then switched back. I worked with Darren James two or three times (with condoms, for internet shoots) and looking back, it really makes me think about how many risks I took, even though everyone in the biz goes to AIM Healthcare every month to be tested for Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, Syphilis, and HIV.

Were You ever molested as a child? No. My parents were really religious, and they didn’t talk to me about sex, even for a birds and bees kind of thing. Luckily, I had sex ed in school and this is how I learned about safe sex practices. I didn’t really have the freedom to experiment sexually until my first year of college, and one of my first experiences was with a female friend. In college, I had a fling with one woman, a stripper who I met online, and I dated another woman, a butch lesbian who I maintained a friendship with when we realized it wouldn't work out.  I started off pretty slow, and didn’t really start having sex until right before I started making movies. Aside from the fact that I knew I had attractions to women, there were no dark secrets in my childhood sexual past. My parents were physically abusive, but that’s a separate issue. Other than that I had a pretty normal, upper middle class upbringing.  

Did you ever feel bad about doing porn? No. Doing adult movies was an amazing way of making money, and it allowed me to work 2 to 3 days per week while I was putting myself through grad school. It was much better money that I could make doing almost anything else, and there was kind of a glam and exciting aspect to much of it. I got to get my make-up professionally done and do photo shoots. I had people ooh and ahh over me and compliment me on my body, and sometimes, I got to travel places for shoots. I did shoots on Lake Mead, in Pismo Beach, San Diego, Las Vegas, and San Fransisco. Granted, there are a few shoots that I would rather not have done in retrospect, because I wasn’t really into them. Also, there were a handful of shoots that I had been misled about, and that ended up being different from what I had been told on the phone.

So there are things that you did for films that you don’t really enjoy doing in real life? Of course! I think that most porn stars do things for films that they don’t really enjoy doing in real life. For instance, I did a shoe fetish video in which I was the sub. I had placed shoe fetish on one of my bios, and they guys reading it mistakenly thought I enjoyed licking shoes. I didn’t mind doing it, but it was more like acting for me. In real life, I enjoy wearing the shoes, not licking them. I also did a video called “Oral Consumption” in which I did somethings that I thought I was open to trying, like toe licking on a guy, and I really wasn’t into it. Licking girls toes were definitely less repulsive to me, but I wouldn’t specifically say that that is a fetish for me. There are a few things I did which I hated.

So what things do you enjoy? I really love sex, and I especially loved being pounded hard by big dicks. I also like it a bit rough, and aggressive, and of course, I enjoyed BDSM, especially flogging, which I found to be almost like a form of massage. I also liked the fantasy world of BDSM, electroplay, and kinky stuff in general. I was involved in a real life kinky relationship with a cross-dressing man at the time I did most of the films. I went out to fetish and swinger parties, and considered myself to be sexually liberated and experimental. I’ve seen and done some truly amazing things at parties, and those were some of my best experiences.

Are you a real life submissive? No. I’ve always considered myself a switch, but I got a lot of requests to do submissive work, since I could take heavy pain. Although I play the sub in films, in real life, I am not "submissive" other than maybe for an hour or two with someone I am passionate about.  As a bottom, I am more of a masochist/pain slut. I’ve been in films which involved humiliation and things like that, but it’s not really my kink. I actually found it more funny than anything, because I was able to separate my role as an actress in the film from the person who I really was. The Dommes in the film were also role playing, and once the camera was off, we went back to being our regular selves. I have also done a handful of films as a dominant, including a few where I fucked both men and women with strap-ons, a BDSM film for the internet involving electro, needle play, and bullwhips, a cuckolding film where I humiliated my husband by fucking two black guys with bigger dicks than his, and a film in which I anally fisted a guy. I believe strongly in the motto, “if you can’t take it, then you can’t dish it out.”

Gia Regency in Fredericks and Maya Shoes

 Would you come to Singapore or near this region in the near future? And if you will, would you meet a fan? Would you have sex with that fan? I’m very well traveled, and have been as far east as Hong Kong, and India, However, I have no immediate plans to go to Singapore. However, if I did I would be more than happy to meet with a fan for lunch or drinks, and I’m always delighted to get email from fans who tell me that they’ve enjoyed films and stuff like that. As far as sex, I’m sure you know I get plenty of offers, ha ha. I like to keep things to a friendly lunch.  

Seriously though, what are your hobbies and interests? I have quite a few, actually. My latest craze has been kickboxing, which I’ve been doing for a year. Right now I’m second level yellow level, and am testing for green soon. I also have been learning clinch, which is one of my favorite things. It’s basically a boxer’s style of wrestling. In addition, I absolutely LOVE Texas Hold’em. I’ve played in Vegas, LA casinos, Atlantic city, and Foxwoods, as well as small games in NYC, and I’ve won tournaments at Hollywood Park as well as the Taj in AC. I used to be a regular on Full Tilt poker before that got shut down. I also enjoy cooking and foodie pursuits, swimming, and crochet. Some of those crochet techniques come in handy when doing bondage.

What is it about a guy that makes u tick? Above all, I find intelligence in a guy or girl very sexy. I’ve always had a thing for nerds, and although I’ve played with a lot of nerds, I haven’t really had a nerd as a relationship partner yet. I’m into the usual shit that women want. You know, responsiveness, sensitivity, and all that jazz. At this point in my life, I’d also say it’s a requisite to be kinky and adept in the bedroom.  

Are you republican, a democrat, or don’t care? Politically, I’m independent, but I’m liberal on social issues, such as gay marriage and legalization of marijuana, but most people are surprised that I’m conservative on other types of issues. Many of my views might be seen as libertarian, but I think I just can’t be categorized. Mainly, I just believe strongly in individual liberties and am strongly anti-censorship. Let me put in a shameless plug for some organizations that I believe in/have donated to in the past: National Coalition for Sexual Freedom

Gia Regency
 One of my favorite scenes of you is from Slap Happy. Where did you shoot that? Did you enjoy it? I’ve gotten TONS of emails and response on my FB page about that slap happy scene. We shot it on the roof of my first apartment in Koreatown in LA, and it was pretty hot that day. I’m definitely into rough sex, but that scene was NO JOKE. It was the real deal smack up session. I’m a self procalaimed pain slut, but mostly for flogging, singletails, and needle play, so it was a little rougher than I would say I usually like it, but it made for a good scene. I actually got a sore on my tongue afterwards, and Brandon felt bad, and tipped me a little extra. The guys at Extreme video liked it so much, that they invited me back to do another shooting with the infamous Mistress Ilsa Strix called “Behind the Whip,” which was one of my favorite scenes.  Mistress Ilsa was dating a very famous transgendered person at the time, and once or twice I saw her at a T bar that I used to go to with my boyfriend.

What are your favorite scenes that you’ve done? Modifying Gia with MIstress Gemini, BDSM survivor, Transexual Gang Bangers 8, American Bukkake 8, Behind the Whip with Ilsa Strix, and Young, Dumb, and Full of Cum 5 (hate the name of that last one, but it was a hot scene). I did a lot of BDSM films, and in fact, most people don’t know this, but much more than sex films. I always get people asking me questions about my rough or extreme sex films, such Max Hardcore or Mr 18 and the first timers, but 70 percent of the work that I’ve done has been BDSM related.  

There are guys who only choose to view your more hardcore and degrading scenes, like Gag factor and Slap Happy, including guys like myself who desire that type of sex in an intimate/casual relationship. I don’t have anger towards you or women in general, but I LOVE power, aggression, and assertive sexuality. I love seeing tears and running mascara. What are your thoughts on a guy who wants to abuse and degrade women? Thank you for this well articulated, deeply thought out question! Questions of ethics almost go hand in hand with so much of porn and sexual fantasy in general. Often what is most arousing to us is also what is most taboo, for instance, men who fetishize sex with extremely young women, or illicit affairs with their boss or a superior. Often, pornography is the only outlet for people with certain fantasies and fetishes. Believe it or not though, the fantasy of being overpowered or kidnapping someone is one of the most common fantasies that there is. Sex is a basic human need, and is one of the four ‘F’s in human psychology (Feed, Fight, Flee, and Fornicate.) I think that many times those ‘survival instincts’ are enter-twined in our psyche. It has been said that even the most gentle acts of sex are still a form of aggression, especially for the person who is the Top in the scene. In my own case, I think that my need for aggressive sex (as both a top and a bottom) might be biological, since I was always a tree climber and a fight picker in my youth, and a roller coaster rider and adventure seeker in my young adulthood. I believe strongly in separating consensual sex/scenes from other types of negative, anti-social behavior such as assault and rape. This is the reason that the adult industry was born, in order to fulfill the desire for taboo fantasy by living vicariously through film. To answer your question though, I really think that, so long as it is consensual, two adults should be able to act upon their sexual impulses, providing that they take care not to injure the other person.  

Will you be doing any more films? I’ve retired from films since I’ve become a mom, of two wonderful, gorgeous babies, Anais and August (I guess this officially qualifies me as a MILF!) I’m currently working as a Dominatrix in NYC. I’ve often thought about getting back into adult, but am more interested in producing than in being behind the camera. Even though I have a Master’s Degree and am a licensed medical professional, I miss the excitement of the adult industry. For now though, I am living a quiet life in Brooklyn, and taking my kids to Brooklyn Bridge Park. I’m always happy to get email and questions from fans, and if I get a lot of response, will be creating a new entry with questions from fans. email me here See my google+ profile for more info and photos


  1. Hey Gia,
    It was me that originally asked you about 'slap happy ' back when you wanted your fans to ask you questions for this blog. I'm glad that you don't completely regret it. It's a real bummer to me when a girl regrets one of my favorite scenes of hers. I didn't know you officially registered as a slap happy girl on the roof of your own apartment (which now makes that scene 10x hotter). What are some of your favorite and least favorite moments of that scene and is that something you practice in your personal life?

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