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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Some of my most extreme scenes

As a Porn Star, I was known for extreme sex and BDSM. I was undaunted by almost anything, and I took everything in stride. I couldn't believe that I was able to make an amazing living by living out some of my greatest fantasies. Some of it I loved, some of it I hated, but it was always about the adventure. At 21 years old, I felt almost invincible. Here they are: a few of my more extreme scenes. I hand selected the ones that I thought were the hotest (after all, just because it's extreme doesn't necessarily mean it's hot.)

American Bukkake 8- I did this film very early on, and it actually attracted Howard Stern's attention. He actually wanted to have me as a guest on his show, but I ended up having a personal dispute with one of the executives at J/M and I decided not to go on the show. At that time, I didn't think I would be in the adult biz for very long. I was a full time student, and had gotten into a spot where I needed some quick cash. I had worked as a nude dancer and a live chat girl, but my senior year of college, I moved in with PJ Sparxx, who had been a former vivid/wicked girl and she introduced me to the adult industry by telling me about her films and introducing me to a few of her friends, including Holly Wood and Claressa Sauvage. At the time when I did this film, I don't think I fully understood that it was supposed to be humiliating. I was lucky enough to have been doing the "cum bong" scene and almost none of the guys actually came in my face. It was only after seeing the film that I realized what I had done. Although I enjoy what I like to call "roughage" during sex sometimes, I'm not really into humiliation of any kind, although I did do it for films. I think the reason I was able to do it and kind of laugh it off is that I have a very strong sense of myself as a person, and that I have a very good handle of what my personal strengths are, so I saw the role play I did for films as just that: A ROLE. As a bottom, I would describe myself as having more masochistic tendencies than submissive ones. I've been highly independent from an early age, consider myself a strong person, and have utter disdain for people who make snap judgements about what type of person they think I should be based on my history. 

Mr. 18 and the First Timers-The producer of this called me up and tried to play down the gargantuan proportions of his penis. Most of the time, he said, he doesn't get all the way hard. Well, he managed to get so hard for me, that the loss of blood from his brain made him dizzy, and I managed to take a good 14 inches deep inside of me. This was one of my favorite extreme scenes, and one of the scenes that I am most emailed about.  I will say though, that due to his extreme size, the sex scene progresses very slowly at first.  The best part is at the very end, when I've finally relaxed and warmed up a bit, so that he could deeply penetrate me. TRIVIA: In order to be able to take that size of a penis I had to go off camera and relax my vaginal muscles with a large sized toy. After about ten or so minutes, I was able to go back and finish the scene. It actually felt pretty good!  

Young, Dumb, and Full of Cum 4 (I have a copy that says number 5, but an online videography lists it as 4). Hate the title of this film, but loved the sex. I played a naughty school girl who was picked up off the street, taken home, and given and double penetrated. It was amazing sex, and as I've seen this particular film, I can vouch for it's hotness. EVERY SINGLE SCENE of this film is well done, as opposed to some other films, in which some of the scenes are uninspired and the girls or guys are unattractive.

Love Hurts- This was a sexy porn and fetish melange film Directed by Carlos Batts. TRIVIA: Shots of me from this film, as well as some other shots, are published in his photography book "Crazy, Sexy Hollywood." In this film, I played an escapee from a mental hospital in the future. There is a pretty good sex scene, but the highlight is the bondage scene at the end. This scene was originally supposed to be performed by a fetish girl named Carly, a redhead who also appears in Crazy Sexy Hollywood in a photo with me, Kendra Jade, and Candy Apples. However, she was unable to make the shoot that day and so I took her place. It was incredibly intense, and two writers who were on set from Hustler's Video Review became perturbed. Most people are unable to understand the art of power-exchange, and that everything is consensual, and that I could have safe-worded at any time. I've always been an extreme experience seeker, whether it was for the fastest roller coasters, cliff diving in Jamaica (yes, I was the one who dove in head first in the zebra print bikini), scuba diving, para-sailing, texas hold'em, or kickboxing. For some reason, although I admit to having experimented with recreational substances in the past, I was never a habitual user or an addict. I describe my risk taking style as "calculated."  

Still Crazy After All These Whores- Actually, I haven't chosen this scene because I thought the sex scenes were hot, because actually, they were just okay. What makes this film interesting is that there is an orgy with me, another female, my then-boyfriend dressed in drag, and another guy. I have always been open about the fact that I like women as well as men, and so this scene represents the fullfillment of one of my ultimate fantasies. I had amazing experiences with group sex in my twenties, but as I've grown older, I prefer to be in relationships that are "poly committed" meaning that I have several partners that I have on going relationships with, and of course, I am (and always have been) very committed to the use of barriers and other safe sex aids.  

Real Sessions 1: Modifying Gia- This is one of my best films, and it was actually pick of the month by AVN magazine.  It's got everything: (pretend) forced intox, mummifications, sadism, extreme pain, gorgeous redheads and cute blonde bottoms ;). TRIVIA: I had met Mistress Gemini when I attended this cheesy party put on by the Rennaisance Faire Crew which was held at a Castle in the Hollywood Hills. She had been booked as some of the entertainment, and we came into the room and began using some of the equipment. Mistress Gemini became upset that we had picked up the equipment without asking, but when we asked her if she would use the equipment, she agreed, and she did give me quite an ass whooping! : ) I went on to have an ongoing relationship with Mistress Gemini, even outside of our film work together. I went to parties at her home in Beverly Hills, and she used me on several occasions for demos at LA Bondage Ball. (I also did some some demos with a group called Severe Society, with Sir Nik and Mistress Erzebet.)

BDSM Survivor- Another film I enjoyed doing because the chemistry was already good.  I played with Mistress Gemini regularly, and the "host" of the show was my then boyfriend, Damien.  He had actually come up with the concept and pitched it to owners of a production studio that we had done previous films with.  Admittedly, there is some pretty bad acting in this film, like in the scene where I pretend to gag on fake pee (gatorade).  A lot of people wonder how that scene was done, since a real pissing scene would have violated the state obscenity laws.  The camera man rigged up a drinking backpack behind the throne and filled it up.  Gemini pressed the button when she needed to "pee."  The crew filmed it so that the could produce the footage in case there were legal problems.  I  had agreed before hand to "lose" the survivor contest, but as it turned out, the other girl didn't want to do the champagne enema at the end, so I had to "win" to save the contest.  As it turned out, I only took about a cup of champagne, and expulsed it almost immediately (too soon to get smashed ; ) TRIVIA:  I have been in numerous scenes with Damien, both BDSM and sex scenes.

Transexual Gang Bangers 8-  I think the name of this pretty much says it all.  Cute 23 year old blonde is seduced by 3 trans women and fucked in an orgiastic display of carnal sexuality.  Transwomen are, for me, a very interesting combination of the masculine and the feminine.  I beautiful woman with a nice piece of equipment can be the ultimate fantasy, and I've always had an appreciation for cute androgyny.  As it is, although I have a very feminine body, I've known since I was a little girl that I was mentally androgynous.  I didn't feel that I thought about things the way that other girls did, and I often find myself playing the more stereo typical male role when with other women in social situations, so I can relate the the whole concept of gender bending.   TRIVIA:  I have been in several other films with Transwomen, including one with Gia Darling, a very famous Trans porn star.

Behind the Whip with Ilsa Strix- Last but not least, this was one of my personal favorite scenes to have performed in (admittedly I still haven't seen my scene from this film, so I don't know how it looks on camera.) I had seen some of Ilsa's films before going to her private dungeon in the warehouse district in downtown LA for the shoot, and was very excited to work with her, as she was widely respected as one of the top Dommes in the world at the time.  There was a scene in which she created a beautiful rope corset on one of the girls in the film, and subsequently suspended her in rope bondage.  I was strapped to the floor underneath her, an interesting way to play off energies.  In my scene, Ilsa placed industrial strength clamps on my outer labia.  At that time that was a first for me.

I get asked a lot if I enjoyed everything I did on film, and the answer is definitely, most positively, NO.  There were definitely some scene that I look back on and cringe, with co-stars who showed up drunk or under the influence and did things on film that hadn't been negotiated, male co-stars who couldn't get it up,  or just people in the scene that I had bad chemistry with.  Although I would say that I had 70% good experiences with really cool people who loved sex as much as I did, there were definitely some bad ones with disrespectful ass holes who were pushy, or who lied about what the scene was supposed to be like in order to get me on the set. I will say that it is really difficult to turn down anywhere between 800.00 to sometimes over 1000.00 for sex scenes once you are on the set and the cash is on the table.  I've seen very bad things happen to people I knew, particularly with regards to substance abuse.   I did worry about my personal health quite a bit, and I began working condom only, and doing less sex scenes and more bdsm, and when I started my graduate studies, I began working at a professional dungeon in West LA.  I began taking dominant sessions during my time there, and I found that I have developed more of a taste for topping than bottoming.  I have had on-going relationships with several submissives and bottoms over the past few years.


  1. hello beautiful Gia.
    you are one of my favorite and i simply love you and your movies.
    what about slap happy movie? is quite extreme too

  2. HI Kata: Glad you enjoyed my films! Slap Happy was quite extreme and a bit more than I bargained for! I did happen to be chosen for Behind the Whip because of my performance in Slap Happy, though. That is the film that I suppose (for better or for worse) that I am most known for. Thanks for you comment!

    1. Yeah the Slap Happy scene is the main scene I enjoy even to this day of yours...I like all of Brandon Irons porn but that scene you did with him went down in history for me...groundbreakingly brutal especially watching it as a horny teenager at the time of its release

  3. i understand. what about max hardcore movie? slap happy is one of the best for some good for some worse as you said but is one of the best out there